With Teeth

With Teeth is about a girl, Eva, struggling to keep her humanity after a vicious attack leaves her infected, transforming the nineteen year old undergrad into a beast, craving violence and destruction.

Isolated from her loved ones and friends who can not know what she is becoming, the girl finds companionship with a lonely vampire who in some ways is responsible for her current condition. Torn between the hungering need to satiate her blood lust with her new “friend” and utter repulsion at his disregard for human life, she clings to the remnants of her own humanity.

But those threads of humanity are being clipped one by one as the people she knows and love lose their own humanity and become murdering fiends. Thrust into a world of chaos and confusion, where friendship and love are dead and your only companion is a walking corpse, Eva struggles to survive as the rest of the world dies.

With Teeth = Werewolf + Vampire with Zombies.

The idea behind With Teeth (which was jokingly titled When Zombies Attack before I had a name for it) is a search for self. When something big happens, in this case our protagonist Eva gets bitten and turns into a werewolf, how do we balance the new with the old?


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