NaNoWhatNow? Three Tactics for Getting Un-Stuck

This is so applicable to how I’ve been feeling lately. I hope it’ll help someone else as it has helped me.

Take it away Kristen-

One of the reasons I LOVE NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month, which is November) is it gives new writers a glimpse of a professional pace. It teaches discipline, writing no matter what, how we feel or whether or not we’re inspired. Writing is a profession, not a playpen. I remember when I was new thinking that 500 words a day was such a BIG DEAL. 

Now? I generally have 1200 words written before breakfast. My daily average can range from 1000-6000 words, depending on what I’m doing, how many projects I have going, etc.

NaNoWhatNow? Three Tactics for Getting Un-Stuck.