2013-08-18 16.47.08      Felicia Beasley is a writer. She was born, raised and resides in the frozen tundra of Minnesota, but yearns for the mild winters down south. But doesn’t miss the giant bugs. Some of her adventures include riding sandworms on Dune, slaying orcs in middle earth, and exploring a galaxy far, far away with the millennium falcon. She likes to prep for zombies, neck with vampires and run wild with werewolves but avoids ghosts. Ghosts are scary. Joss Whedon is her hero. She married the dark lord and is raising a princess that thinks she’s the center of the universe and a knight who thinks he is batman. Also has a cat who thinks it’s a dragon and a dragon that thinks it’s people. You can contact her at beasley.felicia@yahoo.com.


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