New Years Resolutions

I am terrible at goals.  I make such lofty promises to myself and then I fail, making me more miserable. However without any goals at all, I don’t accomplish anything. So the obvious solution is to make realistic goals. That’s my new years resolution this year as well, to make realistic goals.

It’s hard for me to make a goal that lasts all year but I’ve tried for this year to have a single goal of having one novel finished by the end of the year. And by finished I mean either queried out or self-published, depending on the route I choose for that book. I haven’t even decided what book that is going to  be but that’s another blog post.

My stretch goal or as you could call it my impossible goal, is to write 500,000 new words this year. This can include fiction drafts both novels and shorter pieces, blog posts, critiques, etc. Whatever I feel like counting as new words. I don’t know how many words I’ve written in 2013. I completed a novella that was 35,000 words and a short story that topped out at 20,000 words. However I’ve written more than that this year, other short stories that were never finished, partial revisions and a full revision on that 20K short story, bringing it down to 6k right now.

Speaking of Hindsight, it is currently with readers in the critters program that I am a part of. I’ve already gotten 3 critiques and the story was posted on Wednesday so that’s exciting. The critiques are very useful for things that are not clear to the reader but also very kind and include praises for what they liked. I’m trying to focus on the correction pieces though. I had put up the first scene at Absolute Write and got mauled. I’ve since rewritten the scene (the rewritten scene is the draft that the critters got) but it’s still far from perfect. I haven’t got the guts to repost it to absolute write yet and I’m not sure I will. Not because of fear (though I am afraid) but because I’m not sure where I’m going with that story. I don’t know how much I’m going to fix it. I know I should. I should just get over my hesitation, revise again based on feedback and send that sucker out. It’s going to get rejected but hey. That’s the writer’s life.

So now that I’ve talked myself into it, my new added goal for 2014 is to submit Hindsight to multiple short story markets to get a sea of rejections. Who knows. Maybe someone will love it.

Now not all my goals have to be writing based. I have some ideas on what I want to focus on this year in regards to my health, both mental and physical. It’s just hard to quantify.

What are your thoughts on new years resolutions? Are you like me, making them every year just to see them fail? Do you find resolutions foolish? What resolutions do you have this year?


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